We are design-trade company.
We are designing furniture forms. We have 20 years experience in projecting architectural forms and indoor elements. Our present projects are real forms of indoor furnishings. Designs are based on long-term experience of oparating on spatial form. They are very characteristic and distinguishable from current produtcions promoting sharp and angular forms, recently considered as modern. Those forms by their nature are creating climate of irritability and nervousness. Our forms deny those trends. Shape softness of our designs positively affect on user staying in their surroundings. Introduces atmosphere of calm and relaxation. It is certainly big advantage our forms in busy and nervous world.

All presented designs and key elements of style were registred in Office for Harmonization in the Internet Market (Trade Marks and Designs) in European Union - database: http://oami.europa.eu/RCDOnline/RequestManager
With numbers: From 002405761-0001 to 002405761-0002 and 002255281-0001. Designs are law protected. We have exclusivness for designs and key elements of style on area of European Union.